We use NO Preservatives 

We say NO to Bleached Flour

We say "Thanks but, no Thanks" to Bromated Flour

Find us at your local H-E-B

You can find our bread at the majority of the grater Houston area H-E-B stores bakery sections.  Contact us for a list of the H-E-B stores we currently service. 

About Us

Our Origins


We come from the bread miracle land, and we bring with us the old world artisanal know-how entrusted to us to respect and keep clean and free of chemicals!

We have been baking and sharing our fresh Pitas for 4 decades in our ever-expanding community.

Our Passion

Unbleached pita @ Houston Sahara Bakery

We bake preservative-free breads using unbleached and unbromated white flour and stone ground whole wheat flour.  

We believe in using wholesome ingredients, cured and aged naturally with no added chemicals.

Quality and freshness is what sets us apart!

Our Network


We are proud GO TEXAN  members.


We source all our ingredients and packaging locally in support of our local community.

We are Texans through and through - Don't mess with Texas!